Responsive SVG Pins on Country Map

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Responsive SVG Pins on Country Map

Postby pipingdesigner » Sun Dec 18, 2016 3:04 am

Trying to modify the design seen at

I've added my own SVG country map and map markers ("pins"), done 'Object to Path' from Inkscape for one pin and obtained the d values for the pin from Inkscape's XML Editor and pasted those values into the HTML.

But the output from Inkscape for one map marker outputs to:

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d="m 184.859,1342.7258 a 29.977135,28.728088 0 0 1 -29.97713,28.7281 29.977135,28.728088 0 0 1 -29.97714,-28.7281 29.977135,28.728088 0 0 1 29.97714,-28.7281 29.977135,28.728088 0 0 1 29.97713,28.7281 z"


The code in the demo:

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Needless to say, it's not working. Theoretically, if I could just decipher the demo code I could simply move the existing pins to where I want them.

Can anyone see quickly what I'm doing wrong without spending much time digging into details?

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