Non responsive to mouse Windows 10

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Re: Non responsive to mouse Windows 10

Postby Moini » Fri Feb 03, 2017 4:32 am

@ittays: Good that it's solved for you :)

Just to reduce confusion: this is not the bug reporting section (which is at

Anyone who posts here can expect support for workarounds, bug reporting / help with finding out if something is a bug, or help with usage errors, but developers do not usually visit the forum, and they do not treat forum posts as bug reports.
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Re: Non responsive to mouse Windows 10

Postby ittays » Fri Feb 03, 2017 6:13 am

Sorry for using unclear terms...
I used to be a software engineer until about 15 years ago, but am now a social worker :-)
I seem to remember something about the presentation layer being a software layer between applications and the underlying protocols, drivers, etc. eventually connecting the apps with the local machine's hardware.
This is the essence of the OSI (Open Syatems Interface) model that became big once software engineering needed to start making use of the Internet and client-server technology. Application Layer was level 7, 6) Presentation, 4) TCP 3) IP .. 1) the client hardware.
I believe Windows' GDI is an example of presentation layer software.
So here, I have shared some nostalgia too.. cheers!

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Re: Non responsive to mouse Windows 10

Postby ittays » Fri Feb 03, 2017 4:31 pm

Update 3:

after a few hours of quite continuous usage this problem returned...

Solution: I just restarted Windows.

So, no need to re-install Inkscape.

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Re: Non responsive to mouse Windows 10

Postby Herbert123 » Mon Mar 27, 2017 4:43 am

I experienced the exact same issue: open a file, and right after selecting an object the tool icons became unresponsive (but double-clicking a tool would still bring up the prefs), could not move an object with the mouse, drawing a shape resulted in a strange empty selection, ...

The menus would still work, though. Zooming in/out via the menus or minimizing the Inkscape windows to the task bar and maximizing it again would "awaken" Inkscape's GUI once more, but after one click on an icon or shape the whole thing would become unresponsive again.

System: dual screen, Nvidia 590, Windows 10.

It drove me insane - because it did not happen in the previous version.

However, I resolved it. Just before I installed .92, I had installed PangoBright to decrease the immense brightness levels of my Samsung SA850 screens, which was hurting my eyes. This tool covers the desktop with a darkening layer. As it turns out, it works with ALL applications I use (design apps and 3d apps) EXCEPT Inkscape! Scribus, PhotoLine, Blender, Adobe apps, Affinity apps, Unity, Godot, browsers, LibreOffice, Netbeans, Atom, etc. EVERYTHING works like a charm with PangoBright, but for InkScape.

When I turn off PangoBright for one screen, Inkscape works on that screen, but the GUI starts acting up on the other screen which is darkened by PangoBright.

Anyway, it is frustrating, because I generally work in a darker environment, and that means I will have to turn off PangoBright for the screen Inkscape is displaying on - which is painful to look at, and really unacceptable to my eyes for longer sessions.

I installed an alternative screen dimmer (desktop-dimmer, but alas, the same issue in Inkscape.

Again, it is ONLY Inkscape that has problems with a screen dimmer.

This leads me to believe that others here might have a similar tool running in the background - or perhaps other software that interferes with Inkscape's GUI.

By the way, tools like LightBulb do not interfere with Inkscape.

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Re: Non responsive to mouse Windows 10

Postby shapein » Mon Mar 12, 2018 1:47 am

I had this problem, which was caused by a display dimming app (dimscreen.exe).
I simply stopped that app, and inkscape went back to normal.

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