Inkscape drawings as basis for digitised embroidery designs

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Inkscape drawings as basis for digitised embroidery designs

Postby Maga » Fri Mar 24, 2017 6:47 pm

I posted some months ago in a thread that I use Inkscape to draw designs I later digitise in an embroidery program. At the time I was working on something I could not share but I have now been doing some work for myself and I thought I would share how Inkscape works for me. I decided a while back I wanted to use the Spirograph extension to create some open designs suitable for quick stitch outs and they are a side track to some work I am doing trying to emulate the look of damask using machine embroidery. See "Capture 2" here for example:
(hope the link works in this forum)
The spirograph extension is great fun to play with (very addictive) and combining it with the star tool I have created some "flowers" that I then imported into a digitising program. I am a manual digitiser so I re-create the objects often using "artistic license" because not everything you draw can be stitched. The size and shapes has to be taken into consideration and although it is in the back of my mind while I draw I do not always know what size I want the finished design to be so I can omit some of the drawing on a small design but include it on a large design. Generally I never enlarge/reduce size of a digitised design I re-digitise as the choice of stitches needs to be changed when a design is re-sized.
The design shown in "Capture" is the drawing, the 3D rendering the digitising program can do so the digitiser can get an impression of how the design will look in different colours and the stitch-out of the finished design. This design is 115 x 93 mm in size to give you an idea of scale.
I have so far digitised all the "flowers" in the drawing in two sizes and next on my to-do list regarding this is to create some repeat designs in Inkscape to have printed on fabric and use this fabric together with the digitised designs to create some Christmas gifts for friends and family.
I hope this explains how Inkscape can be used as a basis for creating digitised machine embroidery designs.
I must emphasise that I do not use any plug-ins to Inkscape to create the embroidery designs - I only draw in Inkscape.


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