making python library paths more flexible

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making python library paths more flexible

Postby ChristopherButton » Wed Dec 09, 2015 8:40 pm

I am working in a project where we make extensive python use as well. And we also have python modules, libs and dlls in a folder in our project. But the cool thing is that, if we delete this python folder and supposing we already installed python in your system, then our software is able to use that python. This is good for me because it avoids congestion in my system. Currently there are so many softwares with python dependencies and half of these software fortunately run alone even if you delete their python folders and have already python installed in your system (of course some of them have some extra modules in their python directories so I usually copy them into my main python directory). We don't overwrite the syspath we append to it. Now I tried this on inkscape 4.8 (I was assuming it uses python 2.6.4). But half of the functionalities won't work if you do that (even if I have all the modules in inkscape python copied into my python). Could this not be implemented in inkscape.. or even maybe inkscape asks the users on setup where I have python installed. I almost have a full python installation on half of my softwares that are python dependent and I find that a little... But if the workload for doing this a bit too much then of course this wish is not so serious.

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Re: making python library paths more flexible

Postby brynn » Thu Dec 10, 2015 4:13 am

Did you ask a question?

Afaik, Inkscape installs whatever python data it needs.

I guess you want to have python installed on your computer, and have all your programs which use python to access what you have installed, instead of what the programs themselves provide? I suppose if you know enough to re-write all your python-using programs, so they access your python, instead of using its own....well, I suppose you can do that. It seems like a lot of unnecessary work to me.

The current stable Inkscape version is 0.91 (although apparently it's not available for some Linux systems).

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Re: making python library paths more flexible

Postby Moini » Thu Dec 10, 2015 4:35 am

If ChristopherButton were on Linux, the system's python would be used or be installed automatically upon Inkscape installation - no superfluous libraries anywhere. For some systems, there's no ready-made package, but compiling should be possible on current distributions.

For Windows, I guess the hassle of installing a specific python version for installing a graphics program would be a bit too much to ask from the average user. I don't know if there's a feature request for making this optional - Christopher, maybe you would like to peruse the bug reports to see if there is one already:
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