Printing Designs

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Printing Designs

Postby cah1234 » Mon Jan 30, 2017 1:25 am


I have created some designs and would like to get these printed. I'd also like to save them as PDF's and PNG's so i can send them to people to print.

I set the design to 297mm x 420mm which is size A3. I also set the X and Y to 0 so it fits. When i save as a PDF and go to print i end up getting a white border around the edge. How do i stop this? The background is black so i want the whole print to be black.

When i save as a PNG it cuts off loads of the design.


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Re: Printing Designs

Postby brynn » Mon Jan 30, 2017 1:39 am

For part of the design being cut off on the PNG, it could be a couple of reasons.

At the top of the Export PNG dialog, are a few different choices for which area you want to export. For example, if Selection was enabled, it would only be exporting the area of whatever objects might have been selected when you clicked the Export button. Or if the drawing goes outside the page border, and you have the Page option selected, it will only export what's inside the page border. And there are a few other possibilities there.

The other, much less common possibility, is if it's a large image, and you managed to close Inkscape before the export was finished. Or sometimes with a large image, even if I don't close the program, the whole thing doesn't get exported. But after a few tries, I get the whole thing.

For the printing issue, do you mean that you're printing it yourself? Often home or small office printers place a margin by default. You'd have to look into the options and settings for that particular printer, to sort that out. A professional print house would not allow that to happen (or else you might not pay them, haha!).

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Re: Printing Designs

Postby Lazur » Mon Jan 30, 2017 2:14 am

For an edge to edge print the regular workaround is trimming the print to a certain size.
You need to add a bleed for that, and place your design on a larger paper.
Here is an SRA3 sized template.

Used it with no problem for this project.

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Re: Printing Designs

Postby Moini » Mon Jan 30, 2017 4:19 am

(Lazur means this could be a problem with your printer not being able to print without a border, or maybe it's just the printer's settings. I'd suggest as a first thing to do to check all printing border settings in your print dialog. Borderless printing on A3 isn't a common feature, I think...)

Also make sure that your drawing fits completely into the 'page area', which is indicated by a small grey border on the page. It can be set via File -> document properties.
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