Using Inkscape for work

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Using Inkscape for work

Postby livebrain » Fri Jan 04, 2019 9:57 pm

I use Corel Draw on a daily Basis on a windows machine, but i also have another running debian (i like linux), and i use inkscape for simpler things.

For my line of work what i need:
Better text editor: the inkscape text editor its just not usable as is (i know that inkscape is for vector work) but inkscape could gain more users if it improves on text features. The flow of work right now with inkscape is:
work on the vector shape, save it and open it on another program, align with text, if i need to change the shape i need to go over inkscape again, and sometimes its simple text stuff that if inkscape was able to do i could do it all over inkscape.

Being able to multiply an object (inkscape already does that) but create crop marks for the entire document automatically.
The "put text on path" its not easy to work with, the perspective (to create text with perspective) its also not easy to work with.

Right now i use Corel Draw because it allows me to work on the entire "design" with text and shapes.

Those are just my opinions based on my line of work and flow.

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Re: Using Inkscape for work

Postby brynn » Sat Jan 05, 2019 2:53 am

Being able to multiply an object (inkscape already does that) but create crop marks for the entire document automatically.

I'm not clear what you're doing there, so there might be something you haven't found yet for that. When you say "multiply" do you mean a layer blend mode, or blend filter? Or are you referring to a path operation (boolean) (such as union, difference, etc)? What kind of "crop marks"? Do you mean those printing marks ("bleed lines" or something like that)? Or maybe the page border? Or a clip/mask path?

Your comments are interesting, because I don't think of text on path or adding perspective to text as "simple text features". But it's possible I haven't interpretted your comments correctly.

A lot of new development work has been going into the Text tool lately (as far as I understand), so I think there will be some big improvements for text in the long awaited, and not too far away, version 1.0. Although having said that, I don't think Inkscape will ever have a text editor such as you would find in desktop publishing or word processor programs.

Please feel free to share an SVG file, if you'd like specific suggestions or alternatives.

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