How do I get and install the latest 0.47 dev build?

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How do I get and install the latest 0.47 dev build?

Postby StevenD » Thu Aug 13, 2009 12:57 pm

The bottom part of the Inkscape window is being cut off in 0.46 on my Ubuntu machine. When I maximize the window then all I can do is click inside the window and watch as the window jumps up or down to reveal the bottom part of the screen or hide it again and I can't select tools and do much of anything. :(

I would very much like to try out the latest 0.47 version of Inkscape to see if I can see everything on the screen without the bottom tool bars getting cut off like they do in version 0.46 on my Ubuntu machine.

I believe the latest version is 0.47pre1 but I'm not sure.

I tried to follow some directions from another post on how to get something but not I couldn't get it to work. I had posted some replies to an older post from last year a few days ago but have had no response so I am posting again in a new topic.

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Re: How do I get and install the latest 0.47 dev build?

Postby prkos » Fri Aug 14, 2009 6:45 am

Here's how I do it:

download the latest source snapshot from atm it's 22070

Open terminal, it should open in your home folder automatically. Commands in terminal are executed one line at the time, type the command and hit enter, wait till you get the prompt back.
I created a special folder called inkscapedev to hold all my dev installs (you don't type the $ sign, just what's following):
$ mkdir inkscapedev

Go into the newly created directory:
$ cd inkscapedev

unzip the downloaded file here (you need to type the path to that file. If you're confused just copy the file into inkscapedev folder using your usual file browser and use exact command from bellow):
$ tar jxvf inkscape-22070.tar.bz2

Go into the unziped folder:
$ cd inkscape-22070

Execute autogen script:
$ ./

Don't mind the message you get to make install now, you need to to something else first - make folder named build
$ mkdir build

Go into the newly created directory:
$ cd build

Execute command (copy it from here):
$ ../configure --prefix=`pwd`/../install

Execute command:
$ make install

This one will take a very long time, maybe an hour, wait for it :)

When it's done you can launch it from the path /home/[your home folder]/inkscapedev/inkscape-22070/install/bin/inkscape. The easiest is to create a new launcher, right-click on the desktop and choose Create launcher, type Application, name Inkscape22070, command /home/[your home folder]/inkscapedev/inkscape-22070/install/bin/inkscape

Good luck
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