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Submission Rules

Postby microUgly » Mon Jun 25, 2007 6:19 pm

These are the rules for submitting an Inkscape work in a competition.

  1. The SVG file must be hosted with Open Clip Art Library.
  2. A bitmap (PNG/JPG/GIF) version of your image must be provided (see here for image and file hosting).
  3. Please priovide a title for your image.
  4. Linking/embeding of bitmapped images in an SVG file is welcome but is recommended to use bitmaps minimally or very creatively.
  5. Bitmap version is recommened to be no larger than 1024x768 pixels but this is only a recommendation. Keep in mind that not everyone has a 22 inch monitor.
  6. Use of clipart created by someone else is discouraged, but if you must please give the original artist full credit in the submission. Only use work you have copyright permission to use.
  7. Referenced material should be given credit in the submission.
  8. Multiple entries are welcome
These rules may change so please refer back to them before submitting.

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