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PLEASE READ before posting - What is a software issue?

Posted: Sat Mar 20, 2010 8:38 am
by microUgly
The "Discuss Software Issues" is a place to discuss anomalies with the Inkscape program that would most likely need to be fixed by a programmer.

Not knowing how to do something in Inkscape is not an anomaly and such questions should be posted in the Help with using Inkscape.

Unexpected behaviour is also not a sure sign of a software issue if it is simply a usability issue. Again, such questions should be posted in Help with using Inkscape.

Identifying a weakness in how Inkscape works is also not a software issue. These sorts of topics should be posted in the Inkscape Ideas forum.

If you are unsure, post in the Help with using Inkscape forum and your topic will be moved if it's found you've identified a software issue.

You should not open a topic in this forum unless you are extremely confident you've identified a genuine software issue.