Looking for a microtask helper

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Looking for a microtask helper

Postby Rhizomorph » Thu Apr 26, 2012 8:47 am

Hi folks,

Here I am again looking for help...

But I'm tired of begging for free help.

I'm looking for a per-task "micro" business relationship with someone who knows Inkscape pretty well to do what are usually very small tasks.

While I'm very grateful for the free help I've obtained here so far, it simply takes way too long. I have serious projects that keep getting stopped dead in their tracks because of simple, tiny tasks that I just don't know how to do. Then I try to learn the task (and usually fail) and end up coming here and getting help, but by then days have passed.

Other times, I don't even come here and ask because it's embarrassing to beg or offer compensation and have no one take me up on the compensation. Meanwhile, days or even weeks go by, and my project freezes.

I'd like to have someone I can hire and pay by Paypal to do these small tasks. However---I need them to be priced fairly. In other words, if I need something done that we both know will take you 5 minutes or less, please don't try to charge me for an hour of your time. Charge me for the 5 minutes, and I will come back again and again and yet again, and this will add up and be worth it.

Example: right now I have an ebook cover image that I worked up in Inkscape. It looks great, but I forgot/didn't realize I needed to create a background layer to make it all hold together as a cover image with proper boundaries. I don't want to hassle trying to do that myself because I know it will take me on a days-long frustrating journey. I just want it done, boom, so I can move on with marketing the ebook.

I know that for someone who knows Inkscape, this is a 30-second job. But I can't go hat-in-hand to a graphic designer in the normal way, because he/she will try to charge me $100 or something. I need someone to do it for like $5. But there will be another job like it very soon, and then more (and then still more). The more I can depend on someone like this, the more stuff I will request and almost always it will be the type of thing that will take you a couple minutes or less.

Anyone interested? (Please don't make me turn to Fiverr.com!)


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Re: Looking for a microtask helper

Postby llogg » Thu Apr 26, 2012 11:51 am

I can't imagine a scenario in which you "needed to create a background layer to make it all hold together as a cover image with proper boundaries". You probably just need to group everything, create a rectangle the exact dimensions of your cover and use it as a clipping path.

But fiverr is probably exactly what you are looking for.

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Re: Looking for a microtask helper

Postby brynn » Thu Apr 26, 2012 5:32 pm

It sounds like you may have taken on some sort of project for which you weren't entirely qualified? Maybe you should re-negotiate that project, to relieve yourself of the graphics part?

....a background layer to make it all hold together as a cover image with proper boundaries.

Sounds suspiciously like a rectangle..... :?

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