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Checking in and Search

Posted: Mon Sep 24, 2018 5:15 am
by flamingolady
hi all,
Sorry it's been so long since checking in. If you recall I had major (and rare) surgery almost 9 months ago. Basically had to put everything on hold while recuperating so I could get at home nursing and PT. That's all stopped now (not because I'm well but because the health insurance visits ran out, oh what a lovely system we in the US have... NOT). Anyway, I'm doing fairly well, still improving every week! I'm alive and kicking, so life is good. (unfortunately it takes money to get the stuff I need now, but that's another story). I miss my Inkscape and Inkscape buddies, so wanted to check in. I've lurked a few times, just not enough energy to be of any use to anyone yet!
I do have a question, if anyone remembers last fall - I had a long post/semi tut on how to use Inkscape to build a font. Well, I've searched and searched (on both inkscape sites actually), and cannot find that. I really need to refer back to that now and can't find it. I've tried the search function and scrolling through pages. Sure hope it hasn't been deleted. Moini, Lazur, Brynn, if you can find it, please please please let me know. PM or here would be fantastic. thanks.
Looking forward to being on here a bit more pretty soon. hope everyone is well!

Re: Checking in and Search

Posted: Mon Sep 24, 2018 5:33 am
by Lazur
Hi there, good to see you back!

Here is the one result I got by searching: Dee's font.
Maybe the topic is the one you are after?
(I'll also have to dig into fontforge as unsatisfied with ISOCPEUR and osifont -time to create the real deal, ISO 3098 compatible lettering).

Get well!

Re: Checking in and Search

Posted: Mon Sep 24, 2018 6:29 am
by flamingolady
Lazur - BIG hug to you! yes, that's it. Dumb me searched on font vs dee's font, didn't even dawn on me that combo search would work. And of course 'font' brings up just about every post ever written lol. Gosh I've forgotten a lot since last yr, errrr, back to the drawing board.