Inkscape does not export to pdf .01 px red vector line

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Inkscape does not export to pdf .01 px red vector line

Postby robert_cline » Sun Nov 15, 2015 4:03 am


I am new to inkscape but with my laser cutter I need to make the line red and .01 px However, anything that is round such as a circle or many text once I change the line it will not export PDF to red, thus will not vector. However, any square, start, etc that has straight edges changed to .01 px exports to pdf correctly.

Any help to the fix or cause?

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Re: Inkscape does not export to pdf .01 px red vector line

Postby hulf2012 » Sun Nov 15, 2015 6:19 am

I've heard before of some issues when rendering very thin strokes to other formats. But I haven't tried.

Could you post a sample of your artwork or other with the same problem?
It could help to others to know:
- The characteristics of your system: Operative system, 64 or 32 bits, how old it is,... also RAM memory, graphic card, etc... even language you use... who knows?
- The version of Inkscape you are using
- The configuration you used to export to PDF

My knowledge of Inkscape for cutting machine is limited. I'm a learner too.
Based in just guesses and previous experience:
-Perhaps the lines and artwork are there, in the pdf file, but for some reason the PDF viewer you use can't render or can't zoom in. A test that could help: import your pdf file to Inkscape again. Then choose to view as only outlines (ctrl + Numpad 5, a couple of times to get the only outline view). The lines should be there... or not.
- What I've seen that some cutters doesn't care so much for the wide of the strokes. Can't you use DXF format, or PLT format instead of PDF?... your laser cutter doesn't accept those formats?
- You say that circles and text doesn't export to pdf??... convert them to paths (Shift + Ctrl + C)
- If you are new, read the guide the Inkscape Guide. Even advanced users read the Guide some times. (well, there's no new version for Inkscape 0.91) (*)

I recommend again to share a sample file or more information

(*) Hope the author is OK... my condolences for this actual ... sad situation
If you have problems:
1.- Post a sample (or samples) of your file please.
2.- Please check here:
3.- If you manage to solve your problem, please post here your solution.

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Re: Inkscape does not export to pdf .01 px red vector line

Postby brynn » Sun Nov 15, 2015 10:45 am

If converting the circles and text to paths doesn't work, is there any chance you could use another format besides PDF?

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Re: Inkscape does not export to pdf .01 px red vector line

Postby ~suv » Sun Nov 15, 2015 6:11 pm

JFYI - answered in earlier topic about same question here: [ no real fix available yet - this is an issue in the graphics library 'cairo' which Inkscape uses for PDF export ]

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