Gcode extensions fail after first use

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Gcode extensions fail after first use

Postby Truckrat » Wed Nov 23, 2016 6:53 pm

A strange problem just started today that is driving me crazy. All of the Gcode extensions will only work once when I start Inkscape. I then need to reboot the computer to get them working again. But again, will only work once then a reboot is required. I have several different Gcode extensions installed such as J Tech Photonics Laser Tool, Repetier Laser Tool, as well as those that come with Inkscape. It don't matter which one I use, it will only work once then none of them will work until I reboot the computer.

Everything else seems to work fine. I tried to reinstall Inkscape, reinstalled the extentions, the problem persists. Has anyone else ever come across this problem? I can't find anything on the internet or in these forums. I appreciate any feedback on this issue.

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Re: Gcode extensions fail after first use

Postby Moini » Thu Nov 24, 2016 12:42 am

@Truckrat: what's your operating system? Your Inkscape version? Are you using the gcodetools that come with Inkscape or did you install a newer version? Do you get any error when you try to reuse the extensions? Does it work like this for each gcode extension (i.e. can you call each extension once, or one of the whole bundle)? Do the other extensions work normally?
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