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Set up mh721 cutter on inkscape

Posted: Mon Sep 25, 2017 7:38 am
by Jules62
Hello I am new to the forum, Inkscape & using a bigger cutter, I have been used to using silhouette Cameo & software. I have a MH721 cutter, I am struggling on how to get it set up in Inkscape, to cut everything I have read says set it up as a printer. The driver that comes with it sets it up in USB COM Port 2 . I cant find a driver file to set it up as a printer, can anyone help in how I do this please? Thanks in advance.

Re: Set up mh721 cutter on inkscape

Posted: Tue Sep 26, 2017 3:57 pm
by brynn
I would look for documentation for the cutter.

I don't have a printer anymore. But the one I had was connected via USB port. The driver that came with it was sufficient.

When you say you want to get it set up "in Inkscape" do you mean to say that you think you can set it up as a printer, and send drawings to it directly from the open Inkscape window? I could be wrong, but I'm kind of doubting that would be possible. As far as I understand you need to send files to the cutter, rather than what's on the screen.

Again, I could be wrong about that. I also should say that Inkscape's printing capabilities are limited to the basics. Many Inkscape users either save their files as PDF, or Print to PDF, and use PDF reader printing.

But my strongest suggestion would be to find the original documenation for the cutter machine. Out of curiosity, is "MH" the brand or part of the model number? What is the brand?