Fonts already installed in WINDOWS, not available in INKSCAPEus

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Fonts already installed in WINDOWS, not available in INKSCAPEus

Postby Miguel Angel G » Thu Jul 07, 2016 5:19 pm

Hello everybody. I am new using this foro and a beginner using INKSCAPE. I have a problem and I would like somebody give a clue of what i am doing wrong.
I am trying to open a .svg file. What I see is not what I expect, there are problem with fonts, aliment, bold etc)

Basically I have some fonts already installed in windows but inkscape only recognise two of them, therefore when I edit the original file, the result is not good.
When I open the original *.svg file and mark properties of the text I got the font " latolatin-bold" with a warning orange triangle. At the same time I also see in the below window another four fonts cross in red ( "Lato light", "Lato Medium""lato regular" "Latolatin bold")
I am sure those fonts are already installed in Windows ( for example using them in office word) but when I try to use those fonts at INKSCAPE , only "lato" and "lato latin" are available)
Can somebody help me?

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