Looking for developer for extensions (paid)

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Looking for developer for extensions (paid)

Postby RichardS » Wed Jul 27, 2016 1:11 am

I need an extension created that will layout proportional text with positional information to help assist laser cutting "marquee" type letters. See example image. I need it to automatically create A-Z 0-9 with the positions of the lights with respect to the outline of the letter.



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Re: Looking for developer for extensions (paid)

Postby v1nce » Wed Jul 27, 2016 10:44 pm

I really don't understand what you want.
When the cutting process takes place ? before/after putting the leds ? How are those led layed out ? by hand ? Do you already know where all the leds will go for a letter ? Or is this the aim of the extension ? If so what are the constraints ? (1 led every 2cm ?) Will you use different font ? Or is it for one font only

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Re: Looking for developer for extensions (paid)

Postby RichardS » Thu Jul 28, 2016 1:58 am


This image was only an example.

I do not know where the LEDS will go yet, this is the purpose of the extension.

First I need to pick a font, then based on the font we can arrive at the potential algorithm for placement...

I have 64 leds to place on each letter, some letters will need them all some may not, this is ok to leave off some, but you need to not use more than 64.

I will place LEDS only around the outer perimeter of the letter so letters like ABDOPQR with inner "holes" will not be ignored, (the sample shows the hole in the A outlined)

Certain rules would need to be followed to make each letter reflect the others in the placement....

It would be nice also that the placement follows some form on X-Y grid so lighting effects can be done that are "linear" this is hard to describe I might have to post an image for this..... let me try a verbal explanation.... Take a piece of graph paper and place a letter on it, lets say that in our example most leds are about 1" apart, however the graph paper has 0.25" grid, we then choose location that best fit on the grid, but we do not need to hit all the locations.... this allows for some very nice lighting effects to be done, treating the letters almost like a panel of leds....

clear as mud right?


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