Workaround for erroneous gaps in rendering?

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Re: Workaround for erroneous gaps in rendering?

Postby Lazur » Wed Sep 02, 2015 12:25 am

Just stumbled upon this topic again in a search and have to mention that
for a cam output, how it is rendered on screen is totally irrelevant.
Anti-aliasing causes the rendering problem, geometry is unaffected.
Anti-aliasing can be now switched off -since 0.91-
Ivan Louette's filter pixellize -built in since 0.48?- can be applied to any object, to add an aliased rendering if the overall display is set to be anti-aliased.

By overlapping objects, you can avoid any gaps at any shapes/direction/zoom level.
Here is an example on how to make a vector copy of a raster image, with blocky rendering, and without gaps.

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