Change Fonts used in document

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Change Fonts used in document

Postby GAngus » Sun Jul 26, 2015 10:38 am

Hi,i' not sure I used the best Subject header for this but....

I am using a Mac and the new 0.91 Inscape version.
I have an old Inkscape document that I edit over and over on a weekly basis which was originally created in an earlier version of Inkscape.
I often used the "SANS" font and the "Couirer" font.
These fonts are not available in the new .91 version and I get that font error sign, like a yellow triangle with an exclamation point in it.
It's a fairly large document and could use some automation, if possible.

I think I recall a filter or perhaps an extension that would like "change all occurances of Courier with Courier New" ... etc...
Kind of like a Find & Replace, but for fonts.

Does anyone recall this ability in Inkscape ?

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Re: Change Fonts used in document

Postby ~suv » Sun Jul 26, 2015 11:37 pm

Inkscape 0.91 ships with a new extension which allows to globally replace font names, see menu
  • Extensions > Text > Replace font...

Font names like 'Sans', 'Serif, 'Monospace' (Inkscape <= 0.48), and 'sans-serif', 'serif', 'monospace' (Inkscape 0.91) are not actually installed fonts - these are generic font names/families for which the font backend (used by Inkscape, or any SVG viewer displaying the file) is supposed to substitute (for rendering) a font found among the locally installed ones, based on fallback rules the font backend knows about (might differ e.g. depending on OS/platform).

Inkscape's default font (with new prefs) used to be 'Sans' in Inkscape 0.48 (before that, it was 'Bitstream Vera Sans'). In Inkscape 0.91, the generic names have been changed to match those referenced in the CSS specification (i.e. finally web browsers will understand them too): default font is 'sans-serif', and the other supported generic families are lower-case 'serif' and 'monospace'.

The change you mention about 'Courier' and 'Courier New' might be specific to either changes within Inkscape packages available for Mac OS X (older Inkscape packages for example did not include fonts from '/System/Library/Fonts', some released packages ignored '~/Library/Fonts', etc.), and to newer versions of OS X. Apple from time to time changes which fonts are shipped with newer versions of OS X. On Lion, 'Courier' is provided by '/System/Library/Fonts/Courier.dfont', 'Courier New' by '/Library/Fonts/Courier New.ttf'. I haven't attempted to find out what fonts Apple ships where with Yosemite.

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Re: Change Fonts used in document

Postby GAngus » Mon Jul 27, 2015 8:55 am

Ahh Yes, I knew it was there.. somewhere…

As it turns out, somehow, I ended up being in Inkscape 48.x and did not realize it !!!

I am feeling quite embarrassed now, actually, as I recall how nice it was to have the new 0.91 version.

I somehow had the wrong alias version in the Doc ?

Thanks ~suv for Jogging my memory back into it’s proper place.
Also, thanks for all that useful Font information, which I was not aware of.


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Re: Change Fonts used in document

Postby brynn » Mon Jul 27, 2015 10:50 am

Yes, good info ~suv. Thanks!

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