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Postby jsgthomson » Fri Sep 02, 2016 10:50 am


I am a Macbook Pro (El Capitan).

I have Inkscape 0.91 installed on my machine and for some reason, it is picking a number of fonts with a '.' preceding the name. For example .HeitiUl TC. I started doing some work for a client's website and now they're needing things printed too. Therefore, I am have having to transfer to Illustrator (CMYK) for printing which is not normally a problem but no other program including Pages, Numbers and illustrator etc can see the font esp .HeithiUL TC. which I have used in many artworks already.

1. Has anyone seen fonts on a Mac with a '.' preceding its name. I think they're hidden files of some kind but why is it only Inkscape finding them?
2. Where does Inkscape show the path(s) that links the fonts to Inkscape itself? I may be able to find them that way.

Please help!

Thank you for any help given,


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