[SOLVED]How Can I Get the Original Icons Back?

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[SOLVED]How Can I Get the Original Icons Back?

Postby Banjo » Mon Jul 03, 2017 5:13 am

I have just installed Linux Mint 18.1, and Inkscape now appears with tiny, line-drawing, black and white icons. I have trouble telling what the icons are, and I would like to put the original icons back because I am familiar with the old icons. Also, the there is no text in the tooltips, so they don't help finding out what each new icon does. The tooltip boxes are blank.

The version of inkscape I am using is Inkscape 0.91 r13725

I have downloaded the icons.svg file, but no matter where I put the file, the icons do not change. I now have the file in


with no effect.

I use Inkscape a lot, and it would be easier if the interface was back to what I am used to. Any help would be much appreciated.


UPDATE: Never mind. I found it. I went into System Settings => Application Style => GNOME Application Style (GTK) and set the theme to Oxygen-gtk and the icons came back. I did not realize that the themes for GTK apps are set in a different place from the QT apps. I still don't know why putting icons.svg in the config folders doesn't work, but at least I have my old Inkscape back.

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