WMF to PDF conversion losing fonts

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WMF to PDF conversion losing fonts

Postby ShoeIace » Thu Feb 01, 2018 6:08 am


I am trying to use Inkscape to convert Word Equations, that come in the form of .WMF files, to .PDF files. When I import the WMF to Inkscape, some of the symbols in the equations change or disappear. After some research, I believe this is because when the WMF is imported, the font of the WMF is defaulted to Times New Roman, which does not support the symbols. The symbols in the equations should be using the Symbol font that comes with Windows. After importing the image to Inkscape, I can change the incorrect math symbols to be using the Symbol font but I want to automate the conversion of the WMF files to PDF ones, so manually changing the font of the symbols is not acceptable. Is there a way to have Inkscape use the fonts embedded in the WMF when importing rather than defaulting to Times New Roman?

Any information would be appreciated.

P.S. When I look at the raw WMF in an application such as Notepad++, I can see that the WMF does indeed information detailing that the Symbol font should be used for the math symbols. Also, I am new to Inkscape.

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