Path outset problem

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Path outset problem

Postby piscvau » Mon Apr 02, 2018 5:43 pm

I am using INKSCAPE for sewing pattern drawing. I need to use path outset for seam allowance. In INKSCAPE preferences I set "step/ inset/outset by" to 5mm. In document properties I have "scale x " set to 1.
Yet when I draw a circle , objecto to paht, duplicate and path outset, I have a second circle which is 15 mm away from the first circle.
I tried to close inkscape and reopen it in case the outset by whoulc not be applied before restart. Nothing changes. What do I do wrong?
thanks for your help.
essai outset.svg
circle with path outset
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Re: Path outset problem

Postby ragstian » Mon Apr 02, 2018 9:52 pm


Interesting! I can confirm the same behavior on my system as well.
I use Inkscape 0.92.3 (2405546, 2018-03-11) on Win10.

When I set the outset preferences to 5px (pixels) i get an offset of 5mm.

Might be an "undocumented feature" (bug) in the current version?
Good Luck!
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Re: Path outset problem

Postby tylerdurden » Mon Apr 02, 2018 10:08 pm

Try with units mm and scale set to 3.77953.

Probably the same bug I've been harping about for a year. Inkscape should "ship" with units set to pix and scale set to 1. Then you can change units to mm/in/pt/whatever without issue.

Comment #16 in particular.

Have a nice day.

I'm using Inkscape 0.92.2 (5c3e80d, 2017-08-06), 64 bit win8.1

The Inkscape manual has lots of helpful info!

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