How to resize icons appropriately.

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How to resize icons appropriately.

Postby dulichviet » Sat Aug 31, 2019 8:06 pm

Are you intending to travel to Ha Giang? You still wonder how to arrange the schedule like?
You can see more about >>> Latest Self-Sufficiency Travel Experience From A To Z You worry that the first time coming to this land still has many surprises? Come with the fascinating information below we will help you have the best trip to discover Ha Giang!

Overwhelmed by the famous Ha Giang backpacking site.
Ha Giang with a mild and cool climate all year round, this place becomes an ideal tourist destination for domestic and foreign tourists. This land impresses visitors by the majestic mountains, winding roads, flowers blooming in all four seasons, splendid colors creating a splendid picture. Therefore, it is hard for visitors to forget the beauty of this place. If you intend to visit Ha Giang, you must not miss this fascinating place:

Deputy leader - Yen Minh

The first destination in the Ha Giang backpacking trip that I want to share with you is Pho Bang. Surrounded by majestic, pristine mountains, coming to Pho Bang, visitors will be immersed in the fresh, cool and peaceful atmosphere. In addition, Pho Bang also captivates visitors by the gentle scent of roses on the fanciful plateau.

Yen Minh pine forest

After Pho Bang, the interesting place of Ha Giang that you cannot miss is Yen Minh pine forest. With the image of untouched pine forests, creeping into it is a misty mist, this place is known as "Da Lat of Ha Giang". Looking down from above, Yen Minh pine forest is like a fanciful masterpiece with vivid colors. Because of this unique beauty, this place has become a favorite place for tourists.

Valley Of Grace Is

If you visit Ha Giang without going to Sung La valley, it is not a small mistake. Dubbed the land of "the place where rocks bloom," coming to Sung La valley, visitors will be immersed with the colorful space of triangular flowers, cauliflower, or pristine rock plateau image. Full of mystery.

Cam Son mountain

The next destination in Ha Giang backpacking trip that I want to share with you is Cam Son mountain. Cam Son mountain is located in An Hao commune, Tinh Bien district. With a height of up to 705m, this place has become a fascinating wonder in Ha Giang. travel thai lan, Standing from the top of Cam Son mountain, visitors will have the opportunity to see the image of Ha Giang in a peaceful and strange way. Not only that, Cam Son mountain is also a historical witness, marking many heroic stories of the heroic people fighting for the peace of the country.

Ma Pi Leng Pass

Ma Pi Leng Pass is the next destination in Ha Giang backpacking that I would like to introduce to you. As the path of a peak with a height of about 1200m, the road to Ma Pi Leng pass is quite rugged, so this place becomes an attractive conquest point that attracts many tourists to Ha Giang.

Ho Vuong's mansion

Ho Vuong Mansion is an attractive destination that you cannot miss in Ha Giang's itinerary. Located in Sa Phin commune, Dong Van district. Owning a total area of ​​up to 3000m2, built by unique ancient architecture, this place has become a tourist attraction that attracts many domestic and foreign tourists.

Lung Cu Flagpole

Next, I would like to introduce to you the famous Ha Giang backpacking place named Lung Cu flagpole. Dia diem du lich, Lung Cu flagpole is located at the top of Lung Cu mountain (Dragon mountain) with the height of 1470m. Dubbed as the first place of the country, this place has become a sacred backpacking place in the hearts of every Vietnamese people.
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Re: How to resize icons appropriately.

Postby Moini » Sat Aug 31, 2019 11:51 pm

Use the selection tool and enter the size into the "W" and "H" fields at the top after selecting and grouping the icon, or use Object > Transform.

If you need the icon exported to png in different sizes, try an extension. This one might work for you, if you need Android icon sizes, for example: ... oid-export
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Re: How to resize icons appropriately.

Postby Polygon » Sun Sep 01, 2019 12:11 am

If your canvas is 64x64px go Export area->page and enter the new Image size Width/Height.
I´ve done thousands of icons this way 2 sizes each just by changing W+H. As we need tiff files and 72dpi resolution for implementation I batch processed the PNGs with GIMP.


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