List of YouTube (Video) Inkscape Tutorials

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List of YouTube (Video) Inkscape Tutorials

Postby BobSongs » Wed Jul 12, 2017 11:28 pm

As the Screencasters' tutorials are beginning to age, I thought it time to introduce a new list with some fresh ideas.

Derek Banas has a very lively set of YouTube tutorials. While small in number (8 videos), Derek guides beginners through the essentials. Highly recommended for those wishing to get familiar with some of the basics (and even some intermediates who appreciate a refresher). Derek emphasizes keyboard shortcuts to improve work-flow while encouraging the use of some oft-neglected or misunderstood tools.

:tool_selector: Inkscape Video Tutorial (8 video play list):
  • Tutorial 1: Review of the tools, their basic functions and keyboard shortcuts.
  • Tutorial 2: Create Keyboard Shortcuts, Document Properties, Tricks for Selecting Objects, Guides, Rulers, Align, Transform, Rows & Columns and more.
  • Tutorial 3: Pathfinder Tools, RGB, HSL, CMYK, Blur, Fill, Stroke, Dropper Tool, the Tweak Tool, Dashes, Joints, Gradient Tool, Gradient Options and much more.
  • Tutorial 4: Bezier Tool, Nodes, Path Effects and more.
  • Tutorial 5: Cloning and Clone Tiling.
  • Tutorial 6: Filter Editor.
  • Tutorial 7: Filter Editor: Displacement Map, Morphology, Imagine and Convolve Matrix.
  • Tutorial 8: Patterns, Clipping, Masking, Converting to Bitmap, Tracing, Raster Extensions, and more.
  • Click here to play the tutorials.

Nick Saporito has a decent set of YouTube tutorials (155). Like HeathenX's tutorials of old, the idea behind Nick's sessions is to create a final product as opposed to examining each tool for its own sake. Because the final product is the purpose of these videos, the use of each tool shows its use and function in a more direct manner. For a fuller appreciation of each video, we recommend reading through some of the comments posted below the video. Many of them bring some insight and corrections in workflow that Nick approves.

PLEASE NOTE: Nick's "Beginner" tutorials start fast paced. If you're itching to create masterpieces in Inkscape, but are not familiar with Inkscape's tools or terminology? Our recommendation would be Derek Banas' basics (see the above paragraph).

:tool_selector: Inkscape Beginner Tutorials (55 video play list):
:tool_node: Inkscape Intermediate/Advanced Tutorials (30 video play list):
:tool_calligraphic: Inkscape Logo Design Tutorials (43 video play list):
:tool_text: Inkscape Typeface Tutorials (19 video play list):
:tool_connector: Inkscape Explained (8 video play list):
This series explains what each individual function is in Inkscape and how it works. It bears a resemblance to Derek Banas' series mentioned above, while taking a different and more relaxed approach to learning the various Inkscape tools.

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Re: List of YouTube (Video) Inkscape Tutorials

Postby latitude » Sat Nov 03, 2018 7:31 am

Thank you so much for posting the links to these awesome tutorials. I am new to Inkscape. I have been using PSP but for reasons that I won't go into I needed a different program to do some things that PSP won't. I was told by someone to try Inkscape. As I am so new to Inkscape, I don't know if it will do what I was looking for but after looking at the tutorials it doesn't matter. I am looking forward to learning all I can. That may take some time. It took me a very long time to learn the basics in PSP without gnashing my teeth or pulling my hair out.
Again, thank you for the links.

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