Help with lighting/shading effect

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Re: Help with lighting/shading effect

Postby Maestral » Thu Sep 18, 2014 11:26 pm

@ tylerdurden
I do recognize my self as a part of that group of preservationists. For me it is almost the same as preserving architecture of the past times (when, where and how it`s whole another ball game). So, in that manner, for me it`s not quite representative behavior to lose original file of your logo. If you lose original files of your business card, letterhead or similar - no harm done. I`m pretty much sure none of these companies, mentioned on that list, do have original files of their labels, caskets, truck insignia or if they do it is considered as a relic ,) In our days, logo is considered as a ground point of your corporate profile. So, you don`t have to have mirrors in your office but it would be wise to at least check up on your selfie if you`re heading for a business meeting. ,)

With this said, I do greet vort3x`s ambition and efforts and I do hope this small debate could enforce them, but regarding his skills I would recommend to find at least one more approach for getting the same result. I believe that each of debate contributors could name/describe at least one more approach for getting this logo done (as is) and developing this particular diversity could improve vort3x`s skills significantly.

Off topic:
This might get us too far from the topic, if we should elaborate views on conceptual art and similar forms of human activities. I`m first in line for simplifying things but this might not be the right moment nor place. Instead I will offer just a short opposition - Kazimir Malevich`s White on White. If that is not acceptable as a starting point, perhaps Dadaism would? ,) One of your accents is money but money in classic arts and in applied arts is not the same. During any given time, maecenas would not be so easily compared with the shoemakers or barbers in need for the logo or just simply acquiring artistic services.

If, by any chance, there is some misunderstanding - When I said:
"If you succeed in replicating what you see - that`s exactly it - replicating.
For creating you need some "planar ascension" ,)"
I was not referring to my self as an cosmic realm of creativity, but was just pointing toward creativity it self. Art comes as an delayed satisfaction for those willing to devote their time, resources, blood, tears and everything else in order to master crafts of their choice / hence remarks about the Rembrandt. Once again, I`m under impression that we do share opinion about art, but as vort3x mentioned - we do come to that point by our own paths ,)

Fortunately, my psychic powers were just challenged, but are in fact safe and sound. ,)
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