Creating modular character sprites from one image

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Creating modular character sprites from one image

Postby flatdog » Mon Apr 15, 2019 10:36 pm

I have some 2D Character images that I am trying to turn into modular sprites that I can then animate in Crazy Talk Animator 2
I can create a bitmap of my Character and then break apart and colour the image as I want, but I am not sure how to then separate all the parts, arms, legs, head, and so on so that they keep the outlines of the body parts I separate.
Some body parts would need to be touched up as they are hidden behind other objects in the image (eg the bottle covering the arm and tail in the attached Image.)

Is there a better way to create modular body part sprites with a 2D image like the one I have attached?
If so how would I go about creating Modular Body Parts from the 2D image I have attached using Inkscape?
I have been trying to work out how to do this for a while to no avail, Any help would be amazing.

Thank you.

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Re: Creating modular character sprites from one image

Postby brynn » Tue Apr 16, 2019 2:16 pm

From reading your message, I'm not sure if you realize the difference between raster and vector images. Inkscape is a vector editor, so to do almost anything with that image, it would need to be converted to vector....unless you already have a vector version of it? Parts of it does look vectorish.

If you have a vector version, it should be fairly easy to separate the body parts. That's part of the glory of vector graphics!

If you don't have a vector version, it can be converted to vector. However, that's not to say it could be converted into it's original vector state (if it has one). The converted vector version would be harder to work with than the original, but not impossible.

I can think of one way to separate the parts of the raster image. But I would not have any idea whether your animation software would accept it or could use it. It should be fairly easy to try.

1 - Import the raster image into Inkscape
2 - Using the Pen or Pencil tool (Pen would be best) draw lines where you want the body parts to be cut off, then continue the line around the border of each part, making sure to click inside the tiny square that you will see at the beginning of where you started to draw the line.
3 - Switch to Selection tool
4 - Select both the new line that you just drew, and the whole imported image (hold Shift key)
5 - Object menu > Clip > Set

Now you should be able to grab that piece and drag it around separately.

See my signature for links to instructional materials. But if you get stuck, don't hesitate to ask for help.

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