Inkscape blows up - obviously its me

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Inkscape blows up - obviously its me

Postby swmcl » Wed Sep 04, 2019 12:46 pm


I'm a very young user ...

I created a file in a CAD drawing program of several lines and splines. I also saved the file in the CAD program to be an svg file.

All I am trying to do is use Inkscape to fill in my object with a solid colour. Most of the tutorials online assume I am drawing the object(s) in Inkscape. I have yet to see one that works on an imported file.

I would appreciate some help in this very simple task. When I use the Paint Bucket tool on my imported svg, the Inkscape program exits (blows up spectacularly) with only a simple popup window. A catastrophic response for a beginner.

I have made an svg file that is a partial representation of my larger and more complex one for you to work with and added it as an attachment.

Refined house.svg
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Re: Inkscape blows up - obviously its me

Postby druban » Wed Sep 04, 2019 1:45 pm

Inkscape can parse polylines but not edit them. Regardless of that the bucket tool fills this object as it is. Make sure it is set to visible colors. You can try select all and then object to path to make them editable, but it is unlikely to be the problem you are experiencing. More likely there is a gap in your other file that the bucket can't resolve, or a node intersection that Inkscape can't parse. Are you saying that this file also crashes when you try to fill it? what v of Inkscape are you using?
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Re: Inkscape blows up - obviously its me

Postby Polygon » Wed Sep 04, 2019 5:54 pm

The easiest way to handle this object seems to:
1. ungroup - you receive 5 separate objects
2. with the 5 selected go Path->Object to Path
3. with the node tool select every node for the sake of speed and go
4. Join selected Nodes
5. you can now use any color as a fill color via Fill and Stroke (shift+cmd+F).


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