Clipping isn't preserved when importing to Google Slides

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Clipping isn't preserved when importing to Google Slides

Postby ewilhelm » Wed Oct 30, 2019 11:19 am


To use vectors in Google Slides, I am using this workflow:
1) upload SVG to Google Drive
2) use CloudConvert to convert SVG -> EMF
3) open EMF with Google Drawings
4) copy vector from Google Drawings, paste into Google Slides

The workflow may be byzantine, but it works to get vectors into Google Slides (does anyone have a better workflow?). Unfortunately, if I clip an object in Inkscape and follow this workflow, the clipping is not preserved and the entire object appears. The clipping is preserved in the preview of the SVG in Google Drive, but not once it's in Google Drawings. Is it possible to get a clipped vector into Google Slides?


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Re: Clipping isn't preserved when importing to Google Slides

Postby tylerdurden » Wed Oct 30, 2019 1:01 pm

I have been successful in opening SVGs including clipped objects into a LibreOffice Impress slideshow.

The entire Impress presentation can be saved and uploaded to Google Slides.

Vectors stay vectors.
Text stays text.
Embedded/clipped bitmaps can be rotated once they are in Google Slides.
Gradients should be avoided, unless they are first converted to bitmap in Inkscape.

I've only experimented, so caveat emptor.
Have a nice day.

I'm using Inkscape 0.92.2 (5c3e80d, 2017-08-06), 64 bit win8.1

The Inkscape manual has lots of helpful info!

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